Group Exercise


At the AdRenaline CentRe

We provide a range of classes at Adrenaline to work all areas of the body and suit all of our customers’ needs.
We continuously work with our customers to get their feedback from our group exercise sessions and ideas on any new sessions
we can run in the future.

A copy of our weekly class timetable is available at the centre.

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ouR Fitness Classes


Cardio vascular classes will raise your heart rate and increase your lung capacity. These classes are great at burning calories for shape change whilst helping to prevent heart disease.

Cardiac Circuit

A class specifically for patients referred by a health professional. This class is designed for patients who have had previous or current cardiac events and have been advised to reduce the risk of further issues.

Circuit Class

A lighter combination of cardiovascular, muscular, strength and endurance training, designed for low levels of ability and incorporates an element of social interaction.

Circuit Training

An intense combination of cardiovascular, muscular, strength and endurance training, designed to keep you fit and healthy.

Psycho Circuit

A high intensity full body workout. This class alternates cardiovascular and muscular strength & endurance training.

Outdoor Circuit Training

An intense combination of cardiovascular, muscular, strength and endurance training, designed to keep you fit and healthy.This class will be outside come rain or shine so please come dressed appropriately.


The MetafitTM bodyweight training system is an effective and simple workout. It will burn fat by changing your resting metabolism, it works big muscle groups with high intensity intervals and will get quick, great results.

Energy +

The best 30 minutes functional training you can do. This class is a full body functional workout that targets the correct movement patterns whilst developing core strength.

Indoor Cycling

A cardiovascular workout class on a fixed-wheel studio bike, set to the latest tunes. Instructors will take you on a ride which includes: hill climbs, sprints, flat roads, races and a well deserved recovery and stretch. Classes available for beginners, advanced spinners and Psycho Spinning for the most athletic cyclists.

Group Kick

This gripping hour burns tons of calories and builds total body strength. Tap into the hottest mix of martial arts movements done at a rapid pace to smash your cardio fitness.

Outdoor Boot Camp

A high intensity outdoor class that will involve cardio vascular and resistance training. Be pushed in the great outdoors come rain or shine. This class is a great all body toner.


These classes have the benefits of cardio vascular exercise, as well as being a fun workout for people who love to dance.

Dance Workout

A medium impact, fun aerobic style class, this class is suitable for all levels and is a great way to dance yourself into shape.

80’s Dancersice

A dance aerobic workout with an 80’s theme, this class is a great way to get in shape, burn calories and be retro! Leg warmers welcome but not supplied.

Line Dancing

A fun-filled, instructor-led line dancing class. Each week the group will work towards mastering a routine – feel free to stay for coffee afterwards!


The Latin-inspired, easy to follow, calorie burning dance fitness party. Feel the music and let loose.


Bokwa is different. It’s not really a dance workout – there is no choreography and no counting steps. Participants draw numbers and letters with their feet, whilst moving together to music in free form rhythm.

Holistic Conditioning

Generally these types of classes are slower but by no means easier. These classes are great at stretching and toning the muscles of the body whilst helping build core strength and all over balance. Everyone should do some holistic conditioning in their exercise programme.


Yoga, Tai Chi & Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength leaving you feeling centred and calm.


Strengthens core muscles, improves posture and increases flexibility. Classes available for beginners and advanced participants.

Tai Chi

A healing martial art that combines many movements with energy, circulation, breathing and stretching techniques.


Develop a holistic, healthy and harmonious lifestyle through a series of physical and mental exercises. All levels welcome. An additional charge applies to this class.


A great workout for keeping supple, toning the body and keeping healthy. This class incorporates movements that lengthen and strengthen the muscles in the body.

Yoga 40/20

40 minutes of high intensity interval training with 20 minutes of yoga stretching. This class will help you burn calories, tone your muscles and strengthen your mind and body connection for a healthier you.


It’s not just your heart and muscles that stand to benefit from an aqua fit class. Working out in water is also fantastic for your internal organs and lymphatic system.  These extra benefits help explain why participants feel so good after a class – the body is refreshed rather than exhausted.

Aqua Class

A choreographed whole body aerobic workout for toning and shaping that uses water as resistance. Great for shaping up your inside as much as your outside.


Our toning classes generally include resistance training.  These classes will increase your heart rate whilst helping you to tone your muscles, giving you the benefits of an increased metabolism.

Abs / Mega Blast/ Body Conditioning

Strengthens the abdominal area to enhance your six pack!

Group Power

This is your hour of power. Blast all your muscles with this high rep workout using adjustable barbells, weight plates and your own body weight. Combines squats, lunges, presses and curls with integrated fun music.

Bums, Legs & Tums

A fun and energetic class aimed at toning those wobbly bits!

Kettlercise Circuit

This has the same fat burning benefits as Kettlercise but it gives the instructor a chance to tailor the class for its participants.


One piece of equipment with a set routine and one goal – and that’s fat liberation. High impact cardiovascular workout using kettle-bells.

Tone Zone

An aerobic workout to tone and shape your whole body. Parents can bring their children along to these sessions as a crèche facility is provided.

Healthy Lifestyles

Our Healthy Lifestyle team are specialised in providing exercise on prescription. They also run a variety of specialised classes.

Healthy Walk

Walks which take place throughout Rossendale and surrounding area. The walks are open to all and will encourage you to explore the surrounding countryside and promotes social interaction.

For more information on our healthy lifestyle programme please click here.