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About Us

Who are we?

Rossendale Leisure Trust is a local community based charitable organisation which was established in 2004. The Trust ring fences funds for leisure services in the community and we reinvest any profits into community services rather than any monies going to shareholders. Our overall objective is to promote an active, healthy and happy community by providing friendly, positive and inspirational venues, programmes and activities. Our services are for the whole community, young or old, men and women – whoever you are we want to help!


What are our aims?

We aim to provide something for everyone through convenient local facilities. We employ local people who know the area and aim to provide a friendly, welcoming and non-judgemental environment for everyone. Overall, we want to help people improve themselves, have fun, feel well within themselves, escape from everyday life and establish a more active and happy lifestyle.


What facilities do we provide?

We run three main facilities including;


  • Adrenaline in Haslingden, home to fun family activities Grip&Go, Laser Tag, Skate & Scoot, Gym, as well as health and well-being facilities such as a brand-new HIIT Studio, indoor and outdoor sports facilities and group exercise studios.
  • Marl Pits in Newchurch which includes our welcoming and friendly gym, studios, well maintained swimming pool and toddler pool and outdoor sports facilities
  • Pioneer in Bacup, winner of Gym of the Year 2019 at the Rossendale Lifestyle Awards. 


Some of the work we are most proud of is our community programme which includes school based sport and activity provision, as well as delivering over 100 primary school sports competitions and outreach sessions within the community.


Who is involved?

The Leisure Trust is led by a Board of Volunteer Trustees. Our Trustees are local people with a passion for health, well-being, sport and most importantly Rossendale.

Our Executive Director, Ken Masser was appointed in 2016. Ken is a local Rossendale resident, chartered accountant and has a range of experience from different sectors. Ken can be contacted through various social media platforms @kenmasser


Our management team of Frances Ferguson, Jodie Shenton, Paul Gallagher, Phillip Holden, Lesley Wells, Mark Kay and Ross McCowan combine for decades of leisure management experience >and combine that experience with a passion for our aims and objectives to help us provide our service to the local community.

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