Tag Archery


Sunday: 1pm – 2pm & 2pm – 3pm

*Extended opening times during school holidays

Tag Archery is fast, fun and thrilling! It consists of 2 teams simply shooting arrows at each other.

There are multiple games to be played, all with one aim; ‘tag’ as many opponents as possible! The games include Capture the Flag and Dodgeball (but with arrows!).

The game is perfectly safe, with helmets and arm b ands/guards to protect yourself. The arrows have foam heads so the chance of getting hurt is very unlikely.

Tag Archery is suitable for ages 11 years + and no archery experience is needed. It’s a great game to play with your friends and let off some steam (an added bonus is that you get to shoot them with arrows!). It also makes for a fun team building exercise!

We have facilities for Tag Archery to be played inside or outdoors, depending on the weather. It is currently available at Adrenaline in the Sports Hall and in Summer will be at Marl Pits outside.


Call us on 01706 227016 for information or to book now!

  • Get those angles
  • Hold the arrow in place
  • Keep your eye on your opponent
  • Fix your stance
  • Ready to shoot
  • Ready, Set, Go!
  • Easy to shoot
  • Available for outdoor use too!
  • Tag Archery

Comfy clothes and shoes, ready to move and shoot arrows

There is a maximum of 20 people per game and we recommend around 5-8 people per team.

Tag Archery is suitable for ages 11 years and over.

Tag Archery lasts approximately 1 hour and costs £5 per person.

To help you enjoy your game of Tag Archery we’ve summarised all you need
to know opposite in the form of some questions
and answers. If you need any further
information or have any other questions

please contact us Email:info@adrenaline.co.uk

Tel:01706 227016