Rossendale Colour Dash 2017


The streets were awash with colour as hundreds took part in Rossendale first ever Colour Dash.

More than 500 people took part in the event with participants getting showered in powdered paint during the 4km course – all in the name of charity.

Colour dashers got into the groove with a performance from dance group Dance Like Nobody’s Watching (DNLW) before actor and presenter Ted Robbins officially started the Dash at Marl Pits Leisure Centre.

Keen runners to gentle walkers, all dressed in white, followed the route, passing through five colour stations.

The colour station were sponsored by Keenan’s estate agents, Woodcock, Howarth and Nuttall Solicitors, Big Tank Media and Rossendale Leisure trust.

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Rossendale Business Award Finalist’s!





We would love to share some news with you….

We are delighted to have been nominated and shortlisted for the 2016 Rossendale Business Awards ‘Tourism’ category alongside other fantastic businesses in our Valley.

We hope all of our members/visitors will be rooting for us to win at the event on Wednesday 7th November, we will be updating you via social media throughout the evening to fill you in.

We’ve had some fantastic new additions to our centres over the past year and are proud to continue to continuously provide new services for Rossendale.

The RLT Team.

Grip & Go Climbing Tots



Climbing is a great way to engage children into a physical activity, developing mental concentration and building confidence.

With this in mind we have decided to set up tots climbing sessions for those aged 1-4 years.

These sessions will consist of different climbing elements, including soft play equipment and then also interaction with our Grip & Go climbing walls depending on the child’s preference.

We are running the tots climbing on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning (9.30am & 10.30am)  at Adrenaline. This is priced at £5.10 per child with additional children £3.10 The cost includes a drink and a snack after the session. We  ask for booking in advance as we have a limited amount of spaces per session.

For more information please contact or call 01706 227016 to book.

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Benefits Of Climbing

Here at Grip & Go we are really proud of our facility for the fun it brings to families and also the benefits to healthy bodies and minds.

We have gathered together a list of top benefits gained from regular visits to Grip & Go.

Build Confidence

Confidence is one of the main obstacles we see here day to day at Grip & Go, as height plays a huge role in increasing fear and judging self-reliance. We have seen some amazing examples of children and adults conquering their fears and tackling all of the walls available in the Grip & Go arena.

Active sport

We are proud to bring something different to Rossendale which carries on our mission of improving health and fitness in our area, especially an activity that appeals to all ages. This unique activity targets those who are looking for a hobby that is challenging and beneficial. Grip & Go is a great starting point for those looking for building climbing skill before moving on to bouldering and rock climbing if they wish to do so. As well as being physically beneficial climbing is also key in improving mental health such as, confidence and positivity.


Our facility is unique as there are only a h andful of centres like us in the UK particularly in the North West. The climbing walls contain a variety of holds and grips which differ from other traditional climbing centres. As well as this our walls are colourful and contain added electronic features which can time or add difficulty to your climb. Each wall has a display board attached containing levels of difficulty which can be explored if you wish to do so. For safety our climbing walls contain auto-belay systems which are created to carry your weight and lower you gently to the ground when you let go of the walls.

If you would like to book a Grip & Go session please tel 01706 227016 or visit our booking page here

Fed up of cold, wet and boring Friday nights?

Fed up of cold, wet and boring Friday nights?

Join us at Grip & Go, indoor climbing and adventure centre. We will be offering discounted Friday night hang out sessions for families and friends aged 6-17years.

These sessions will be taking place at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm every Friday beginning this Friday 20th November.

For an amazing price of £5 per person (50% off the normal price) scale our 18 walls of fun and adventure – creating new challenges and scaling new heights.

We also have a café on site to grab and drink and a snack before or after your session time.

Please remember if you would like to attend one of these sessions we would require you to arrive 45 minutes before the session time for a health and safety briefing and harness fitting.

Gather your friends and enjoy our safe and welcoming environment at a fraction of the price, starting this Friday! Not to be missed.

Book Now at and-go or via the centre 01706 227016

Walk ins are available but spaces can not always be guarateed.


Children In Need 2015


Have you got what it takes to climb Everest in just 90 minutes??

 On Thursday 12th November (6pm-8pm – Arrival 5:30pm) we have organised Grip & Go: Everest Challenge to help raise money for Children In Need…. and we need your help.

 Grip & Go would like your help to raise money to achieve our fundraising aims through taking part in this challenge or donating as much as you can.

We need the more people the better to come to Grip & Go and scale 8,848 metres of wall!

There are 16 walls to climb that are 7.5 metres high; each one must be scaled 75 times. We have calculated that 2 scouts per wall could potentially climb the equivalent of Everest in just 90 minutes.

Why get involved?

It’s an opportunity to test out East Lancashire’s hottest new leisure venue for free…. and raise money for a great cause in the process!

Grip & Go will host a Just Giving page online for donations – this page will be promoted through social media and is available here andgoeverest

When is it?

Children In Need will air on the BBC on Friday 13th November so we plan to do the challenge on Thursday 12th November at 6pm.


Grip & Go will host the event at the Adrenaline Centre in Haslingden

Adrenaline Centre, Helmshore road, Haslingden, BB4 4DN

How can you get involved?

If you would like to join our team then please email with your name and contact details as soon as possible.

Please visit our social media page to check in and follow our progress on the night using the hashtag #Grip andGoEverestChallenge

Local School visits

To add to the build-up of the launch of our new climbing activity Grip & Go we decided to invite a h andful of our local schools in for some taster sessions. As these key stage 2 groups were the first users of the climbing walls we were excited to involve our community and most importantly for them to have fun! Our aim as part of Rossendale Leisure Trust is to engage our valley in sport and activity and keep our facilities exciting. We would like to thank all of the schools who participated this week, and their teachers for organising the visits, we hope to see you again soon.

Ready to Climb

On Monday 6th July we were met with a colourful new floor and all climbing elements installed. The team from Hang-fast pulled out all the stops to ensure our climbing wall was up and ready for action in just over a month. As soon as all of the staff were trained on the walls including health and safety, harness fitting and first aid we were ready to start climbing. Our staff have had a great time getting to know the different elements of the walls, picking personal favourites among themselves. We are all really excited to open our doors and give you the best experience at Grip & Go.

Staff TRaining Day

Tuesday 7th July was the day we have been waiting for, we could finally climb our activity for the first time. On this day the safety harnesses arrived in the form of small, medium and large sizes. It is the job for our staff to be able to recognise the harness suited to increase your comfort, usability on the walls and most of all your safety. Our centre managers embarked on an in-depth session of risk assessments, harness fitting, participation consents and emergency situation briefing to make staff aware of any situation they could face. Our walls at Grip & Go use a specialist auto belay system which attaches to your harness and aids you to guide freely up the walls at your own pace and ability. The auto belay then gently lowers you to the ground when you let go of the wall. We have a briefing room on site where you will be shown a video of our rules for health and safety on our activity. Here you will be fitted with your harness and checked over for jewellery or loose items, all aided by our fully trained instructors. The staff are excited to welcome new climbers to the centre and to give you a great experience.