ouR MembeRship Benefits

Along with a personal induction to your centre, you will receive a free personal fitness programme written by one of our qualified fitness coaches, a personal training session and free programme reviews throughout the life of your membership. We are committed to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

  • FREE induction
  • Personalised Member Journey
  • FREE Personal Training Sessions
  • FREE Personal Programme
  • Swimming
  • Gym
  • Squash
  • Classes


WITH ouR Membership Plans

We have a wide range of memberships for all of our leisure centres. They can include gym, swim, group exercise classes, aqua classes and squash. Prices will vary according to your personal situation and age.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our prices on Direct Debit:

  • Junior DD – £18 p/m no contract
  • Student DD – £25 p/m
  • Student Cash – £28 p/m
  • Adult DD – £33 p/m 12-month contract
  • Freedom DD – £36 p/m no contract
  • Corporate DD – £28.00 p/m 12-month contract
  • Senior DD 60+ – £28 p/m 12-month contract
  • Senior Pensionable Age DD – £23 p/m 12-month contract

Here’s a quick breakdown of our upfront payments:

  • Junior – £180
  • Adult 1st Year – £330
  • Adult 2nd Year – £295
  • Corporate – £280.00
  • Senior Yearly 60+ – £280
  • Senior Pensionable Age – £230

For help in identifying the best membership package contact our team on 01706 227016, email: or contact your local centre.

Once your membership is set up we will then book you in for your induction, and the start of your journey.

Alternatively, if you are ready to sign up and want to get started today you can do it online here.