Why you should come to Grip & Go!

4th December 2018

Our Grip & Go facility at the Adrenaline Centre is fun for all the family! 

There are 21 different walls to try, all with different themes and challenges to try. The walls are 7 metres tall and over. There is also a Giants Staircase to climb. If you’re feeling courageous, you can try the Leap of Faith which consists of a 5-metre-high platform that you must jump off to reach the big red bag.  

Grip & Go uses state of the art auto belay system offering a smooth vertical descent from the walls and harnesses to fit all. This makes climbing safe, fun and easy, all you need to do is get gripped in and go! 

Grip & Go

Not only is Grip & Go super fun and safe, it’s also a great way to work out.  

Regular climbing can help improve balance and flexibility. It requires you to stretch and reach the climbing grips in order to ascend the walls.  

It can also increase stamina and body strength, helping to tone arms, core and legs. It requires great upper body strength to pull yourself up and across the walls, by doing this, your arm,  and back muscles are engaged and in time, will tone up.  

saw wall

Climbing is a fun way to mix up your weekly workouts and its super beneficial too! 

A 1 hour climbing session can burn up to 500 calories. Our Grip & Go facility isn’t this vigorous, but it will definitely offer you a great workout! 

Why not come along to Grip & Go for your next workout and family fun day!

Call 01706227016 or visit https://www.adrenalinecentre.co.uk/adventure/grip- and-go/ to book your place now!

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